Callback Cartel is a fun 10 week training and scene study for Intermediate and Advanced* actors who take their craft seriously.

Work every week with other committed artists perfecting your craft just like they do in Hollywood.  Grow at your own pace with individual exercises THEN use that knowledge to stretch your wings doing great scene work.  Limited class size insures a rewarding and profitable return on your self-investment.  Self paced, challenging exercises means your potential for growth is huge no matter how good you are now. IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH - At the end, when you are doing your best work, we will go on set where your scenes will be professionally recorded and edited for use in your demo reel.   Bring a friend or come and make a few.  It's your career, maximize it, with the Callback Cartel!  

Need a demo reel but don't have footage? Callback Cartel is the solution!

Here's how it works. 

1.  Attend Callback Cartel Monday nights  

 2.  Stretch your acting abilities with weekly growth exercises and scene study  

 3.  Choose a scene and co-star(s) you want to put on camera (we can help with this)  

 4.  Rehearse lines during the week & polish your on camera work at Callback Cartel until the scene is mastered  

 5.  Go on location with a professional camera, sound and lighting crew to record scenes on set.  

 6.  Your professionally edited scene premiers at a theater near you (limo optional)  

 7.  Bask in applause and then upload your demo to the world for instant stardom (results may vary)


 "Brian brings fun exercises and scripts to work on in front of the camera, within class time. It's a safe place to grow as an actor and build confidence, while acquiring new skills to set you apart. My call backs and bookings have definitely increased since starting this class!" - B. B, Tulsa


Monday Nights September 16th thru November 18th  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm  (Shoot Date TBD)  Age 13+ $265                                    (All Sales are Final)

*Previous "On Camera Work" or acting course strongly recommended before attending

**WARNING - This is a 10 week commitment to weekly scene prep at home AND to your fellow scene partners who expect you to do your homework and show up.

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Linda Layman Agency
1831 East 71st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136, United States
Since 1971 the Linda Layman Agency has provided quality models and actors for television, print, runway and film. The Linda Layman Agency - "When it has to be professional"